Founder Message

     Cambodia is now a developing country of free market economy and is constantly developing in many sectors such as finance, real estate and other priority sectors in line with the policies and strategies of the Royal Government. This constant growth has made Cambodia a country of choice attracting foreign investors across the countries making Cambodia economy grow at a rate of between 5% to 7% per year and will continue to grow in the future. The main driving forces of an increase in the investment are due to the stability of politics, geography, transportation, labor, tourism and macroeconomic in Cambodia. All of these sectors have greatly benefited the economy by creating jobs for the people, encouraging greater challenges, and generating revenue through taxes and duties for the Royal Government.

     We-TC Group was established in 2015 with six subsidiaries as follows (1) We-TC Credit Plc, (2) We-TC Cash Express (3) We-TC Cash Express Battambang (4) We-TC Quick Loan Co.,Ltd. (5) We-TC Real Estate Co.,Ltd. (6) We-TC Investment Co.,Ltd. Every subsidiary of We-TC Group works to maintain good regional relations and undertake missions to offer leading services with high responsibility, transparency and trust from local and international investors, especially from our customers. The companies will continue to further expand their products and services across provinces to meet growing market demand.

    In addition, We-TC Group is always pleased to welcome local and international investors seeking to invest with us through precise procedures to guarantee your investment capital contributing to the growth of Cambodian economy altogether. I am sincerely thankful to all customers who have consistently supported our products and services, and to the shareholders, management, employees and stakeholders who have significantly contributed to the rapid growth of the companies during the past years.


Chairman of the Board