Company Profile

WE-TC Real Estate is a formal company which is registered and acknowledged ministry of commercial of Kingdom of Cambodia. It was established in 2017 and founded by Mr.Soth Sour / Founder of WE-TC Group. We’re a young team which are filled with a professional experience in Cambodia real estate. Nowadays, as under a well conduction of our government, the economic situation of Cambodia is growing up then we have a good forecasting that the property needs of local peoples and other investors from abroad have been increasing such as for leaving, investing or business, these are the reason that we offer real estate service with our experience and knowledge. WE-TC Real Estate has not only local partner but also we have other partner at abroad like Singapore and Australia.

We have enough of our quality for properties listing on the website to facilitate the customer who need to buy, sell or rent the properties such as Apartment, Hotel, Condo, House or land …etc. The customers will be advised and consulted constantly by our professional team before they make a decision to do it. Customer care is our performance and commitment.

Real Estate have been progressing in Cambodia, the most of the poeples both local and foreigner always need to suvive in comfortable life style with a modern social, so WE-TC Real Estate can be facilitated to the poeples or the investors to get a good and potential properties or areas for leaving or business withe the best and expert of real estate service which provided a convenience and confidence to the customer by our teams.

Always comply the needs of the customer which is conducted by our professional career teams and we have enough ability to provide a best real estate service. WE-TC Real Estate always bring the customers to do right thing to avoid any risk or illegals of real estate investment especially we give the customers convenience and confidence.

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